GoPro Karma is back

gopro karma will come back

It was announced today that the GoPro Karma is back for sale on the GoPro Official Website

From their website:

“That’s right friends, the ultimate aerial, hand-held, wearable stabilization solution is back on shelves and more ready than ever to take GoPro users’ content creation to a whole new level.”

“To clarify, this Karma is the same Karma that launched last year—to the naked eye. If you break the construction down, you’d see that we’ve redesigned the battery latch. A small change that led to a huge improvement.”

“Separately available harnesses make Karma compatible with HERO5 Session and HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Karma is available for $799.99 or bundled with HERO5 Black for $1099.99. We are also working on a Flight Kit for users who purchased Karma Grip alone, so stay tuned for that upgrade!”

“Karma is on sale at and select U.S. retailers. Karma will be available in international markets in the Spring. Learn more HERE. Make sure to check back, too, because new Karma functionalities will be available via software updates.”

For more information, please visit GoPro Official Website

CES 2017: Go Pro Karma is not dead

gopro karma will come back

The CES 2017 was nothing but amazing. We had the chance to spend 2 days there and we were quite impressed.

While at the show, we noticed the GoPro booth.

While visiting the booth, there it was, the GoPro Karma. Last year, it did not take off because of collapsing issues. According to the GoPro workers at the CES 2017, they found a small mechanical issue. A plastic piece would give in and allow the battery to slide a tiny bit and would cut the power. The aircraft would fall to the ground. Accordingly to them, that has been fixed.

After some interviewing, they told us that in February they will give dates for redeploying the Karma again.

What do you think or want? Is the Karma really coming back?