New DJI Racing Goggles

dji racing goggles

DJI just launched their Racing Goggles.

These have much lower latency (delay) so you can fly at high speed.

“Inheriting all the functions and dual 1080p HD screens from the original DJI Goggles, DJI Goggles RE support Sphere pano viewing and local video playback, offering an upgraded FPV experience.”

Want to learn more? See DJI Racing Goggles


New DJI Drone: Spark

dji drone spark

DJI launched its newest drone, Spark.

It is the smallest (300 grams) and smartest DJI drone so far. You can control it with gestures and it has 3D sensors.

Some of its amazing features:
– Face recognition
– Hand take off
– Fly with hand gestures
– Full HD video
– Up to 2KM distance
– Fly for 15 minutes
– 3D avoidance system
– Follow me
– Active Tracking
– TapFly
– Extensive flying patterns: Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix and more

Learn more, see and pre-order yours today at




UAV Site Selection Tool

uav map National Research Council Canada

While we are all trying to understand the details of the new UAV government plan, please take a moment and check this interactive map:

It will give you a pretty good idea where it might be ok to fly.

To learn more about the Canadian UAV flying rules, please visit:

Please fly safe!

Indoor Micro Drones

micro drones, tiny whoop, tiny hoot, inductrix, fpv toronto

If you haven’t heard, Transport Canada just changed the rules of flying drones outdoors dramatically. It is going to be adjustment time for us all.

Meanwhile, you can have as much fun flying micro drones indoors.

What is a micro drone? Take a look:

Doesn’t matter if rains, snows or it is windy, you can do it all from within your home. These tiny 30-60 grams guys are cheap, less dangerous and tons of fun.

Wear an FPV (First Person View) Goggle and simulate you are piloting from within the micro drone:

There are micro drone races all over Canada if you are up to the challenge.

Let the micro drone addiction begin. – is an online store from Toronto dedicated to micro drones and FPV. They have all sorts of gear to get you started in the micro drone hobby.

Micro drones are also know as Tiny Whoop, Inductrix, Tiny Hoot and many other names. This FPV category is expanding rapidly due to the affordable prices and flying realism, when compared to their larger counter parts.


Attention Recreation Pilots – New Rules

sao paulo drone

If you do not have proper SFOC, please read this immediately: New Drone Rules 2017 Transport Canada

It is the end of the famous “I can fly here because it is recreational”.

These new rules dramatically shift everything for recreational pilots. If you break the rules now, you can get into big trouble.

We will post more details later. Subscribe to our post news to know first about them.

GoPro Karma is back

gopro karma will come back

It was announced today that the GoPro Karma is back for sale on the GoPro Official Website

From their website:

“That’s right friends, the ultimate aerial, hand-held, wearable stabilization solution is back on shelves and more ready than ever to take GoPro users’ content creation to a whole new level.”

“To clarify, this Karma is the same Karma that launched last year—to the naked eye. If you break the construction down, you’d see that we’ve redesigned the battery latch. A small change that led to a huge improvement.”

“Separately available harnesses make Karma compatible with HERO5 Session and HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Karma is available for $799.99 or bundled with HERO5 Black for $1099.99. We are also working on a Flight Kit for users who purchased Karma Grip alone, so stay tuned for that upgrade!”

“Karma is on sale at and select U.S. retailers. Karma will be available in international markets in the Spring. Learn more HERE. Make sure to check back, too, because new Karma functionalities will be available via software updates.”

For more information, please visit GoPro Official Website

CES 2017: Go Pro Karma is not dead

gopro karma will come back

The CES 2017 was nothing but amazing. We had the chance to spend 2 days there and we were quite impressed.

While at the show, we noticed the GoPro booth.

While visiting the booth, there it was, the GoPro Karma. Last year, it did not take off because of collapsing issues. According to the GoPro workers at the CES 2017, they found a small mechanical issue. A plastic piece would give in and allow the battery to slide a tiny bit and would cut the power. The aircraft would fall to the ground. Accordingly to them, that has been fixed.

After some interviewing, they told us that in February they will give dates for redeploying the Karma again.

What do you think or want? Is the Karma really coming back?

DJI Mavic Pro

dji mavic pro

Aerial laws are changing in Canada. From next year, this could be the only DJI drone that will be able to fly legally in the cities in Canada[*].

DJI finally got it right on the first try! The Mavic Pro, DJI’s newest UAV Drone is a success.

Learn more and buy your DJI Mavic Pro here

Some reasons:
Compact: Less than 9cm x 9 cm x 20 cm folded. Yes, it folds.
Light: Less than 1 kg.
Smart: 24 CPU cores and 2 sets (front and bottom) of 3D cameras. These recognize the environment and will avoid bumping.
Great Camera: 12 megapixels Sensor that will give you great quality raw pictures and 4K movies.
Flies Far: Flies up to 7 KM from the controller. *** Note: In Canada, you must always fly within aircraft line of sight. This is only means for Canadians that communication is stronger against interference.
HD Video Fee: Live HD fee that shows what the camera sees.
Flies Smooth: Many pros have tried the Mavic Pro said it is flies like a dream.
Precision Hover: It holds still nicely, great for long exposure pictures.
Sleek Controller: Fits well in the hand and it is great to attach phones.

Learn more and buy your DJI Mavic Pro here

dji mavic pro
dji mavic pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone,helping us all to make every aerial moment a memorable one. It is one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. 24 high-performance computing cores, an all-new transmission system with up to 7km range, 5 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal.

Learn more and buy your DJI Mavic Pro here

[*] As exception (similar to current one), no SFOC, limited operations. We hear that up to 1kg (not yet confirmed) will be able to fly within the cities with some restrictions: not over people, roads, not within 3NM from aerodromes and many others. These rules are still in the proposal stage. Sorry, changes are quite complex, more details in another post as this one is about the DJI Mavic Pro.